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Parking Violation at 9226 Jollyville Rd

CLOSED No Problem Found - Close SR. PROD 302167. - about 11 hours ago #22-00005895

Loose Dog at 700 Azie Morton Rd

homeless have dogs they let loose in park without a leash southwest of Old Mill Spring (Sunken Garden) north of restroom and parking lot, caller worried about giant brown pitbull who runs at citizens passing or riding bikes blocking bike...
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. PROD 302041. - about 15 hours ago #22-00005926

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 1805 Kenwood Ave

vehicle has 2 tires falling off and left for more then a week in front of reported address
OPEN about 17 hours ago #22-00005905

Flooding Current at 6206 Back Bay Ln

CLOSED 1 day ago #22-00005857

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 8514 Grayledge Dr

OPEN 2 days ago #22-00005884

Wildfire Education at 10868 Floral Park Dr

Test sr
OPEN 2 days ago #22-00005883

Wildfire Education at 301 W 2 Nd St

Test sr do not submit
OPEN 2 days ago #22-00005882

Wildfire Education at 11160 Jollyville Rd

This SR is being created for training purposes
CLOSED Scheduled Presentation- Close SR. scheduled presentation for 8/17. - 2 days ago #22-00005881

Loose Dog at 3825 Lake Austin Blvd

OPEN 3 days ago #22-00005871

Dead Animal Collection at 2519 Jarratt Ave

OPEN 4 days ago #22-00005862

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