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Pothole Repair at 1823 Golden Pheasant Dr

Test message # 4 for CSR to Maximo via ESB
OPEN 2 days ago #19-00008320

Pothole Repair at 7000 Mc Neil Dr

Test for CSR - Maximo interface # 1 July 19 2019
OPEN 2 days ago #19-00008318

Pothole Repair at 9900 Mc Neil Dr

Test #1 on July 19 2019 for CSR - ESB - Maximo interface testing
OPEN 2 days ago #19-00008315

Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 3101 Harris Park Ave, Austin, 78705

? 6-3-23 - PLANTING RESTRICTED BY SIDEWALKS. (A) A person may not place, maintain, or permit a tree or plant to overgrow or obstruct a sidewalk to prevent public use of the area. (B) A person shall trim tree limbs growing over a sidewalk...
CLOSED SR Transferred to Alternate System. 2019-171120 CC; Inspector Name: Brian Kelly; Inspector Phone:;. - 3 days ago #17-00350218

Loud Commercial Music at 5803 Westmont Dr

Azul @ 3815 dry creek has an outdoor patio
CLOSED 3 days ago #19-00008230

Dockless Mobility at Congress Ave & E 4 Th St

TRANSFERRED INTO CSR PROD SR 273142 TX-LBV4330-BLUE 4 DOOR caller stated that this vehicle was picking up the scooters and had them in the truck
CLOSED 3 days ago #19-00008240

Loose Dog at 2501 Anken Dr

CLOSED 3 days ago #19-00008270

Sidewalk Repair at 1901 Carlson Dr

CLOSED 3 days ago #19-00008301

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 2302 E William Cannon Dr

Caller requesting to remain anonymous . No Callback needed. Police to stopped by # 335 3rd floor . & ask her neighbors to stop the NOISE because she cannot sleep . Caller has to go to work .Extremely loud noise.
CLOSED Internal transfer - Close SR. transferred into PROD SR 19-00273057. - 3 days ago #19-00008311

Fireworks Noise Complaint at Guadalupe St & W 3 Rd St

CLOSED Internal transfer - Close SR. transferred to Prod 19-00273021. - 3 days ago #19-00008259

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