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Sign - New at 7215 CAMERON RD

1st driveway east off Cameron Rd on Reagan Hill / want bilingual sign may need put multiple signs
CLOSED 15 days ago #17-00004157

Pothole Repair at 4405 AQUA VERDE DR

4 pot holes on Liveoak between Aqua Verde Dr and Charles Ave. People are having to drive around these holes.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Closed into CSR prod sr # 17-00224943. - 15 days ago #17-00004166

Found Dog (Confined) Pick Up at 2203 LEAH CV

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Cancelled with CSR train sr # 1700004173. - 15 days ago #17-00004141

Public Graffiti Removal at DITTMAR OAKS DR & DAVIS OAKS TRL

where they retrain water and also on the mailbox
CLOSED No Action Necessary - Close SR. Closed into prod csr sr#1700224767. - 15 days ago #17-00004175

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 1100 WAYSIDE DR

Loud music by the pool and speakers are up against the neighbors fence.
CLOSED CAD Call Entered - CLOSE SR. 1721160977. - 15 days ago #17-00004153

Flooding - Past at 5902 BULL CREEK RD

(received during citywide internet outage) Citizen states that driveway is lower than the street on the left, causing flooding and water flows into the garage. This happens when it rains heavily. He has video of the incident
CLOSED 20 days ago #16-00296044

Flooding - Past at 1810 MARGARET ST

CLOSED 20 days ago #16-00303770

Flooding - Past at 1006 HATTERAS DR

standing water goes from her driveway to the edge of her neighbors driveway (1004) , and stays in the street in front of her house after a rain event.
CLOSED 20 days ago #16-00308478

Flooding - Past at 4409 BILBOA DR

CLOSED 20 days ago #16-00303902

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 12800 CAMERON RD

request for barricades
CLOSED 20 days ago #17-00000032

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