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Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at DEEP LN & MAGIN MEADOW DR

PROD sr 308776 Been there for about 2 months. Multiple flat tires on a trailer. Not hooked up to anything.
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182839


transfer to prod sr 18-00308767
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182578

Food Complaint at 3004 E 16TH ST

prod sr 308754
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182848

Loose Dog at 6403 CROWLEY TRL

PROD sr 308757 Caller is worried that they may go out to the busy street and get hit.
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182846

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 2607 E 2ND ST

transfer to prod sr 18-00308756 donut on a front tire, a flat tire. Has been sitting at this location for years.
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182586

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 2403 TOULOUSE DR

prod sr 308743 RV is in the yard, Black Dun buggy caller has reported this issue several times and has also talked to the vehicle abatement department and the district rep
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182856

Found Dog (Confined) Pick Up at 2310 BLISS SPILLAR RD

'Transfer to prod sr 18-00308739 Nursing home: Marbridge Foundation, located inside the dorm, Often loose. Caller is concerned about the dogs safety. Last two times the owner has picked it up and caller states it punch the dog and is co...
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182600

Dead Animal Collection at 3809 MAPLEWOOD AVE B

prod sr 308737
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182776

Junked/Abandoned Vehicle at 1709 LAWRENCE ST

PROD SR 308717 DNT6503 for the Honda civic they are next to each other also texas plates.
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00182786

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 4800 CONVICT HILL RD

Further east on Convict Hill, at Creek bridge, water going over bridge **transferred to CSR Prod 18-00308710
CLOSED 2 months ago #18-00181664

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