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Park Grounds Maintenance at 2101 JESSE E SEGOVIA ST

South of the pool between the pool and the road; West of Chicon; tree is split and part of it is has fallen down. created 350262 in PROD
CLOSED 5 months ago #18-00183976

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at AVENUE G & E 38TH ST

transferred to PROD 350292
CLOSED 5 months ago #18-00183838

Food Complaint at 4511 SPEEDWAY

transferred to PROD 350285
CLOSED 5 months ago #18-00183949

Pothole Repair at 2000 BARTON SPRINGS RD

east and west bound on Barton Springs Rd lots of potholes and cracking of the street.
CLOSED Completed - Close SR. Xfer to PROD SR# 18-00350188. - 5 months ago #18-00184058

Graffiti Removal at 7051 VILLAGE CENTER DR

prod sr 350130
CLOSED 5 months ago #18-00183865

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 835 KRAMER LN

prod sr 350023
CLOSED 5 months ago #18-00183887

Loose Dog at 9701 MARLBOROUGH DR

CLOSED Completed - Close SR - 5 months ago #18-00183924

Fireworks Noise Complaint at 1711 RUTLAND DR

CLOSED CAD Call Entered - CLOSE SR. 182881102. - 5 months ago #18-00184131

Loose Dog at 6803 CRUZ ST

CLOSED Completed - Close SR. created 34923. - 5 months ago #18-00184014

Grass/Weeds Over 12" Tall at 2200 San Antonio St Central Austin

High weeds
CLOSED SR Transferred to Alternate System. 2018-006305 CC; Inspector Name: Brian Kelly; Inspector Phone: 512-974-9237;. - 5 months ago #18-00183744

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