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Pothole Repair at E OLTORF ST & S IH 35 SVRD NB

pot hole located in front of la quienta inn and another one at e 7th and chacon
CLOSED Completed. PLACED HO TMIX ON STATE ROW TO MAKE SAFE. - 9 months ago #16-00252617

Pothole Repair at 5100 SOUTHWEST PKWY

CLOSED Completed. Repair pot hole with bag mix. - 9 months ago #16-00253741

Pothole Repair at 1204 PASADENA DR

CLOSED Completed. PLACING BAG MIX IN POT HOLE. - 9 months ago #16-00252706

Pothole Repair at 7907 RINGSBY CV

The drain cap surrounding pavement has been sinking to the point to become a pot hole. There's a few like that along the block.
CLOSED Completed. checked location for reported street issue - raised asphalt %26amp%3B uneven area around manhole in street%2C needs to be leveled off w%2F asphalt. Route to South District for permanent repairs. - 9 months ago #16-00251720

Pothole Repair at 1801 E STASSNEY LN

There are about 4 or 5 pot holes in both east lanes that are very dangerous. Citizen is on a motorcycle and that is his route home. He has to dodge them in order to not wreck.
CLOSED Completed. multiple hazardous potholes in street R.O.W. %2C repaired w%2F 11 - bags of patch mix. Made Safe. - 9 months ago #16-00251827

Pothole Repair at 4501 TRAIL WEST DR

This spiked looking thing is in the middle of the road at Travis Country Circle and Trail West closest to Blue Valley. It looks like it could really tear up a tire.
CLOSED Completed. WATER VALVE NEEDS A COVER. - 9 months ago #16-00252577

Pothole Repair at E 5TH ST & BRAZOS ST

This is in the middle/center lane on E 5th St, immediately east of the Brazos St. intersection.

Pothole Repair at 14403 TUCUMCARI TRL

Asphalt washed away in front of my driveway with huge hole. I have tried to fill with gravel but it keeps getting washed away.
CLOSED Completed. 8 bags used to make this pothole safe. - 9 months ago #16-00253453

Pothole Repair at DAFFAN LN & DECKER LN

Sinkhole in ROW, needs to be repaired, 15 ft south of daffon, 40 ft w of decker
CLOSED Completed. Not COA. - 9 months ago #16-00251679

Pothole Repair at REBEL RD & E OLTORF ST

south on rebel rd at the stop sign
CLOSED Completed - 9 months ago #16-00251184

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