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Sidewalk Repair at 5922 MESA VERDE CIR, AUSTIN, 78749

City of Austin water department tore up concrete sidewalk to repair their water line. Replaced with asphalt that is uneven and has a trip hazard. All other utility companies must replace with like or better materials. Why does the city no...
CLOSED Completed. places bag mix to level trip hazard. - 7 months ago #16-00303889

Sidewalk Repair at 3024 FLEET DR

Sewer repair done, sidewalk, street and curbing needs repair.
CLOSED Completed. supt spoke with citizen was told re%3A process of UER backlog%2C re%3A sod%2C citizen will need to talk to AWU to make repairs. pictures attached. see attachments. - 7 months ago #16-00264445

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 7304 BECKETT RD, AUSTIN, 78749

Large amount of water gushing from manhole cover
CLOSED Completed. transfer to AWU. - 7 months ago #16-00302971

Flooding Past at 5302 SAMUEL HUSTON AVE

dammed creek causing flood concerns, states drainage issue from creek
CLOSED 7 months ago #16-00295120

Flooding Past at 13553 ANAROSA LOOP

CLOSED 7 months ago #16-00296060

Pothole Repair at W WILLIAM CANNON DR & S 1ST ST

pothole between mcdonalds and taco bell, in parking lot
CLOSED 7 months ago #16-00303905


cracked and raised in different citizen got stuck
CLOSED 7 months ago #16-00303773

Pothole Repair at 11101 DECKER LAKE RD, AUSTIN, 78724

Recent resurfacing project where "that crew that fix this stuff wasn't included"
CLOSED Completed. Minor erosion on shoulder. No hazard. Asphalt crew will level up shoulder when mix is left over. - 7 months ago #16-00303580

Sidewalk Repair at 11200 SAMSUNG BLVD

called to report side walk buckling creating cracks on the north west corner of the school at the crossing, on side street which is the 3300 BLK of TAEBAEK ST.
CLOSED Completed. Sunken %2C sidewalk temporary repaired with cold mix %2C left area safe. - 7 months ago #16-00303584


CLOSED Completed. Inspector was able to prune %281%29 8%26quot%3B Hackberry up to city code over sidewalk at this location%2C the rest of the right of way is clear of vegetation. No issue remains. - 7 months ago #16-00262786

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