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Sidewalk Repair at 2610 WHITIS AVE

received via email: There is a wheel stop with rebar sticking out and students and pedestrians are tripping on it and is a big hazard
CLOSED Completed. Wheel stops are located on private property. Not maintained by COA. - 3 months ago #16-00301656

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 6721 LANCRET HILL DR, AUSTIN, 78745

Water gushing down Lancret Hill. Looks like a burst pipe.
CLOSED Completed - 3 months ago #16-00300161

Sidewalk Repair at 1101 MINERVA ST

CLOSED Completed. There was a slightly raised sidewalk in front of above address . Put very little bag mix to ramp it off and make it safe . Route to concrete . - 3 months ago #16-00301527

Pothole Repair at 2400 COLUMBUS DR

two large pot holes at the entrance by the gate south east
CLOSED Completed. used bag mix to fill pothole in r.o.w. - 3 months ago #16-00301057

Sidewalk Repair at 2005 GARDEN ST

Plant growth over sidewalk forcing pedestrians into street
CLOSED Completed. On initial inspection 11%2F03%2F16%2C private shrubs were partially obstructing the sidewalk. A door hanger was left on the fence due to a dog on property. On follow-up inspection%2C the work had been completed. - 3 months ago #16-00279571

Flooding - Past at 10503 JEAN DR

when it rains the front yard will flood and drain though the back
CLOSED 3 months ago #16-00285401

Flooding - Past at 6103 MANOR RD

10 to 20 thousand square feet
CLOSED 3 months ago #16-00275992

Pothole Repair at 8840 BUSINESS PARK DR

pothole 2ft long and 1 ft deep. pothole is near the curb but in the street in front of office complex.
CLOSED Completed. put milling material and cold mix in a small sinkhole left sink hole safe. - 3 months ago #16-00300813


CLOSED Completed. Pot hole going east bound on Rundberg causing safety hazard in R.O.W. we used 1 bag of mix and made safe. - 3 months ago #16-00301079

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 6367 MIDDLE FISKVILLE RD, AUSTIN, 78752

Broken sprinkler - shooting out a lot of water into the parking lot. Not really flooding yet, but could result in too much water in the parking lot. It is definitely wasting water
CLOSED 3 months ago #16-00299382