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Loose Dog at 505 BARTON SPRINGS RD

OPEN 26 days ago #17-00003395

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at W DITTMAR RD & S 1ST ST

Might it be possible to add a "Keep Right", right directional arrow, or right chevron arrow to this location below the school zone sign? It looks like someone could not see that the road curves to the right at that location and drove str...
CLOSED Completed. Replaced sleeve and pole and reinstalled " School Zone " and " Cell phone use prohibited " . To add keep right is a decision only a engineer can make . Please send to engineering with any further question . THANKS. - 30 days ago #16-00310407

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 4900 GUADALUPE ST, AUSTIN, 78751

Odd small 9"x9" sign on sb Guadalupe, just south of 51st street within parking zone
CLOSED 30 days ago #16-00309063

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at E 6TH ST & BRUSHY ST

APD called in to report that on the northeast corner of East 6th St. & Brushy St. there's a no parking sign knocked down & laying on the ground
CLOSED Completed. No Parking Sign Down At This Location . Just A Towing Enforcement Sign That Laying On The Ground Northwest Curb. - 30 days ago #16-00309659

Pothole Repair at 9305 GLENLAKE DR, AUSTIN, 78730

Large pothole on the north side of the intersection of Glenlake drive and Ranch Creek.
CLOSED Completed. There was an old Utility Cut that was sinking and causing a hazard made repairs with one bag of mix no other hazards found left ok.20x15x1. - 30 days ago #16-00308688

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at SPRINGDALE RD & BOLM RD

speed limit 30 mph leaning into street
CLOSED Completed. Field Check This Sign Has Been Repair Already Close C. S. R. - 30 days ago #16-00310043

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at HIGHLAND TER & HORSESHOE BND

Called in by Code Officer Tom Horn----- States traffic sign is covered in vegetation.
CLOSED Completed. field check csr, could not locate speed limit sign blocked by trees. - 30 days ago #16-00308396

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 6100 MANCHACA RD

on the back of the sign there is graffiti
CLOSED 30 days ago #16-00308171

Sidewalk Repair at 9607 NORTH CREEK DR

citizen states that whole side of North Creek Dr needs repair, at on section has a drop of about 12inches
CLOSED Completed. sunken sidewalk causing trip hazard, repaired with 1 - bag of patch mix, Made safe. temporarily eliminated trip hazard. - 30 days ago #16-00310574

Sign - Traffic Maintenance at 7400 SCENIC BROOK DR

on the corner od red willow dr
CLOSED Completed. on the corner od red willow dr; Flex Notes; What type of sign?StopWhat is the cross street?red willowWhat is the problem with the sign?HangingWhat is the condition of the pole?Leaning/BentWhat is the direction of travel?EastIf known, what corner or curb is the sign on?NE Cornerstraightened leaning stop sign. - 30 days ago #16-00308069

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