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transferred to PROD 350383 - Caller states dog is always loose but is unsure who it belongs to. Caller states could be on Theodore Roosevelt st , fireside chat street, or Dwight Eisenhower st
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00184096

Loose Dog at 5400 PONCIANA DR

transferred to PROD 350378 - Two brown dogs, one is small and the other is med. The citizen has the two dogs on her porch at this time due to the cold rain.
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00184102

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 1200 WOODLAND AVE

transferred to PROD 350369
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00184139

Pothole Repair at 6301 W SLAUGHTER LN

PROD SR 350151 - 3 potholes all pretty much in the middle of the road 1 is on the southbound side of street and the other 2 are taking up both the south and the north side
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00184195

Loose Dog at 7301 IRVING LN

transferred to PROD 350314
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00183807

Sign - Parking Maintenance at AIRPORT BLVD & OAK SPRINGS DR

transferred to PROD 350310 APD CALLED IN
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00183813

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at 13553 ANAROSA LOOP

transferred to PROD 350303 it is raining and the water is flooding the street and the callers drive way. the caller thinks it may be an issue with the street since the water is not draining properly
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00183827

Park Grounds Maintenance at 2101 JESSE E SEGOVIA ST

South of the pool between the pool and the road; West of Chicon; tree is split and part of it is has fallen down. created 350262 in PROD
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00183976

Flooding Current (Non-Emergency) at AVENUE G & E 38TH ST

transferred to PROD 350292
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00183838

Food Complaint at 4511 SPEEDWAY

transferred to PROD 350285
CLOSED 1 day ago #18-00183949