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Sidewalk Repair

citizen not satisfied with asphalt put in, it will get washed off with rain, last time already happened, citizen requesting crew to come back and have a more permanent and well done repair, put concrete please.
CLOSED 5 months ago #16-00141582

Sidewalk Repair

sidewalk is unleveled
CLOSED 5 months ago #16-00281774

Sidewalk Repair

The sidewalk that borders S. 2nd is has lots of cracks. It was repaired with asphalt and it doesn't hold up. Looks terrible.
CLOSED Completed - 5 months ago #16-00301175

Sidewalk Repair

CLOSED Completed. we checked and there is no problem in the area. - 5 months ago #16-00233954

Sidewalk Repair at 7200 RUNNING ROPE

Please contact me and let me know if the city has already scheduled this repair, and if not, about when the repair will take place. Thank you.
CLOSED 7 months ago #15-00285292

Sidewalk Repair at 9607 NORTH CREEK DR

citizen states that whole side of North Creek Dr needs repair, at on section has a drop of about 12inches
CLOSED Completed. sunken sidewalk causing trip hazard, repaired with 1 - bag of patch mix, Made safe. temporarily eliminated trip hazard. - about 1 year ago #16-00310574

Sidewalk Repair at 416 BARTON SPRINGS RD, AUSTIN, 78704

Large Broken Utility cover on sidewalk
CLOSED Completed. called 311 transferredSR to AWU. - about 1 year ago #16-00307971

Sidewalk Repair at 1409 BRENTWOOD ST

CLOSED Completed. Dirt washing off under the sidewalk just replaced the dirt to made it safe %2C but i spoke to the owner of this property and he said that happens before and he think there is a broken pipe and he will like to water department go and check for broken pipes. - about 1 year ago #16-00308245

Sidewalk Repair at 2222 WESTERN TRAILS BLVD

This problem has gone on for about a year. Dangerous sidewalk conditions near a bus stop. Now there are "sidewalk closed" signs that force pedestrians, many in wheelchairs, to jay walk in order to get to this 4 route bus stop.
CLOSED Completed. This repair is not the COA responsibility to repair. - about 1 year ago #16-00288620

Sidewalk Repair at 1605 W HOWARD LN

Please build sidewalk from metric to existing sidewalk on Howard/scofield ridge. Dangerous with long grass and no shoulder in road.
CLOSED Completed. The request for new sidewalk goes to our sidewalk program. I sent an email to John Eastman and Justin requesting for someone to look at the request. Sam. - about 1 year ago #16-00263620

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